January 18, 2018

Music and art concert “Colored dreams”. Grodno.

In the Great Choral Synagogue in Grodno will be a musical and art concert “Colored Dreams”. It is devoted to the 130 – anniversary of a great avant-gardist Marc Chagall. He is a native of Belarus. This is the message of love to the artist by means of reunification of music and sandy painting.

For the artist who taught a person to fly, music was the center of art and accompanied him from childhood. All his works are suffused with a theme of music. Violinists on the roof often meet on his canvases, angels play the trumpet, animals play the violins, a klezmer orchestra is performing at a Jewish wedding.

The Great Choral Hall is solemn and spirit-stirring where the sounds of music fly and swirl under arches and between columns. This is a wonderful place for holding the concert. It’s had been chosen deliberately. That is where an opportunity of translation to a white hall vault. The audience can gaze a sandy representations which creates an atmosphere of Marc Chagall aside from excellent music played by musicians from the National Academic Theatre of Opera and Ballet of the Republic of Belarus.

The Brass quintet “AMADIS BRASS” consists of artists from the National Academic Theatre of Opera and Ballet of the Republic of Belarus. Soloists are Irina Knauer – the violin (as an actor in the National Academic Theatre of Opera and Ballet of the Republic of Belarus, Dmitry Mikhnovich – the trumpet (a conductor and arranger), Victor Puzynia – the clarinet.

In the programme: T.J. Albinoni, I.S. Bach, G.F. Handel, Komitas, V.A. Mozart, G.F. Telemann, J. Williams, A. Piazzolla, J. Bock.

Sand animation by Olga Radzetskaya.

The author of the project “Colored dreams” and also the concert’s host Suzanne Stepanyan (musician, art critic, organizer of music and art evenings for a wide range of audience under the general title “Hearing paintings and seeing music”.

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November 12-13, 2016

XV International Art Therapy Festival «ART-PRAKTIK»

On 12-13th of November Kiev hosted the jubilee XV International Art Therapy Festival АRТ-PRAKTIK, which gathered more than 600 people! Organizers invited Olga Radzetskaya to participate in this festival as a trainer and hold a sand animation workshop.

Participants and visitors of the workshop learned history of appearance and development of the sand animation, became familiar with main techniques, tried to draw their images on sand, sometimes vibrant and unexpected for their authors.

Participants of the workshop held under the name “Creative Conversation with Sand” were people who never tried drawing with sand, and most of them have never even seen a live performance of a sand animation artist. Therefore it caused huge interest, time flew both for participants and for the trainer.

“I am deeply grateful to participants of the workshop for your warm-heartedness and sincerity, for your interest and questions. It was you who made this conversation with sand successful! I saw for myself just another time that sand is a magic material to open yourself and to get peace with yourself. I am very glad to have an unexpected and very pleasing encounter with a wonderful, creative, open person, a psychologist, founder of the East Ukrainian Art Therapy Association Elena Tatarinova, the mastermind and organizer of the fest.”

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November 9, 2016

The Second International On-Line Competition SAND BATTLE KIDS

The Second On-Line Competition SAND BATTLE KIDS has started. This time children in 4 age categories will participate in this child’s on-line battle: juniors 3-6 years, medium-age group 7-8 and 9-11 years, and seniors of 12-16 years. The youngest participant have not even celebrated her 3-years birthday yet. Topic of the friendly battle in anticipation of the magic holidays is “The New Year Surprise.” Geography of the battle participants – pupils of sand animation studios is very broad: Kherson, Ekaterinburg, St. Petersburg, Brest, Samara, Dnepr, Pyatigorsk, Kharkov, Syktyvkar, Perm, Cherepovets, Kumertau, Voronezh, Penza, Moscow, and many more, i.e. participants are children from Russia, Belarus and Ukraine.

So many talented kids and teachers! It is cooperation of them that brings to light so beautiful works for the competition. So fabulous ideas, incredible imagination, sense of humor and freedom fill these works! And there are works that amaze with their non-typical insight in the topic, uncommon approach to reveal it, that make even us, the grown-ups to ponder that a New Year surprise may be a completely different thing: kindness and helping to others, not in gifts under the New Year tree.

Olga Radzetskaya is one of members of the international jury of the Children’s On-Line Battle SAND BATTLE KIDS together with heads of sand animation studios from Ukraine and Russia.

“Dear participants of the battle! You have the freest and the most unpredictable material for your creative projects – sand. Feel its magic, listen to it, and will create miraculous pictures together with! I am sure of it!”

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November 3-14, 2016

Art exhibition-competition of contemporary art “Art Week in Denmark»

Embassy of the Russian Federation in Copenhagen, Representative Office of the FA “Rossotrudnichestvo” in Denmark, Russian Center of Science and Culture (Copenhagen), European Art Union and Charity Foundation “Art of the Future” (Moscow) hold a Modern art exhibition and competition the “Art Week in Denmark.”

On November 3 to 14 works will be displayed at the Exhibition Hall of the Russian Center of Science and Culture in Copenhagen (Vester Voldgade 11, 1552 Kobenhavn). Exhibition theme “Visualization” is dedicated to the Unity Day.

At the exhibition Olga Radzetskaya showed 2 her works made in the sand art technique, each of them was awarded a prize in the graphics competition: category “Portrait – Experiment” – the 2nd prize for the project “A Moment of Silence”, category “Genre Graphics” – the 3rd price for the project “Hunter and Prey.”

“Visitors and orchestra are waiting with bated breath…Here it is, the Moment of Solemn Silence. Music is already in the air, the conductor already hears it. In a little while….in a moment, a still quiescent baton will fly up and show itself, and then glorious music will burst out in all its incredible forth. The project dedicated to the last century genius, who shaped the culture of presentation of classic music, the great conductor Lorin Maazel, the one who had music in his veins.”

“Forest world in the night is anything but a land of nod. Many of its inhabitants are waiting in weeds to catch their prey. While searching for food, you yourself may become someone’s food, and only morning will show who you are – a hunter or a prey.”

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September 24-25, 2016

II International Forum Sand therapy “PSAMATA 2016”

Palace interiors of the Congress Hall “Vasilievskiy” in St. Petersburg became the venue of the II Open All-Russia Forum of Sand Therapy “Psamata-2016” with international participants. This year, like the previous one, the forum was promoted and organized by the Russian Sand Therapy Association. Topic of the meeting in 2016 is “Integration. Sand Therapy in the Modern Space of Psychotherapy, Pedagogy and Creative Work.

St. Petersburg greeted participants of the forum with a sunny weather, surprising for this season. And the forum also passed in the environment of warmness and joy of meeting. Topic of the forum offered the opportunity for unbounded creativity in all spheres of sand therapy, using music, fairy tales, visual art. Combinations of previously unrelated methods and approaches shows something interesting and efficient, that unites, mobilizes cooperation, sharing experience and practices, opens mind for new, induces creativity. Integration is also a good start for receiving and uniting people from different countries.

Opening the forum with live sand show of Olga Radzetskaya have already became a good tradition. It was then followed by integration in practice: Report of the President of the Russian Sand Therapy Association Starostin Oleg Albertovich, parable about the Truth, and all his speech was follwed by sketches on sand made by Olga Radzetskaya.

“Nothing matters if we see only separate fragments. But when these fragments combine, a new contents arrives, whose nature we wouldn’t be able to see looking at seaparate fragments.”

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September 14, 2016

The first Artbook Calendar Sand Drive for 2017 with sand drawings from 12 artists

A unique wall artbook calendar for 2017 with works of sand animation artists is seeing the light. Team of authors of sand pictures for the Sand Drive 2017 Calendar united artists from Russia, Ukraine and Belarus. Geography of authors – from Minsk on the west to Chita on the east, and from Noyabrsk on the north to Sevastopol on the south. It is the first loose-leaf wall calendar in Russia, Ukraine and Belarus with works of sand artists. Size of the calendar is pretty big, and thus it can be considered an artbook (a series of posters) in the first instance, and only in the second place a calendar.

Artists started working on their projects in the middle of spring, each artist has chosen one month of a year to create a unique own sand graphic. The idea of this project belongs to Sergey Nazarov from Belgorod, he also arranged artists and all further work on production of the calendar.

Olga Radzetskaya created sand graphic “August” for this artbook calendar.

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September 10, 2016

IV International festival of sand animation “The Touch”(“Prikosnovenie”)

For the forth year in September Dnepropetrovsk (Ukraine) hosted The International Sand Animation Festival “The Touch” (“Prikosnovenie”). It became a good tradition for meeting, creative communication and sharing experience for artists from different countries.

In the festival day morning Olga Radzetskaya organized workhop “Architecture” in the sand animation studio “Volshebnik” for festival participants and teachers of sand animation studios.

And in the evening citizens and visitors of the city enjoed Gala Concert of winners and jury of the festival, held under the open sky on enbankment of the Dnepr river. Everyone interested could watch performances, follow movements of magic hands of artists from Russia, Ukraine and Belarus.

This year Olga Radzetskaya was a member of the international festival jury jointly with Natalia Mironova, Svetlana Telbukh, Maria Voronina and Aleksandr Shatokhin. Her performance with the show “Sketches of Belarus” was the closing one of the festival’s Gala Concert.

“Attending a festival “live” brings absolutely different emotions and experience! Being a jury member is honorary and pleasing, but it is an incredible responsibility. I’m deeply grateful to organizers Natalia Mironova and Svetlana Telbuck for this fest of sand art on banks of Dnepr celebrated every year! How very important the thing you do! Thanks a lot to participants of the fest for their talent and inspiration!”

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February 15-17, 2016

Sand Art Festival «Sand Malerei Show» Hamburg, Germany

From Russia, Ukraine, Germany, Italy and Belarus 18 sand artists came to Hamburg at the festival «Sand Malerei Show» and made a unbelievable stage-fight with sand animation show.

Under the festival terms every artist must show two programs for 30-40 minutes on the theme of «Love story» and «Around the World». During three days of festival competition ElbarkadenLounge room was filled with the sounds of music and magic of the ephemeral and unique creativity – sand painting.

A variety of images, feelings and emotions created by sand, produces a unique atmosphere of genuine creativity and talent. The images of Romeo and Juliet, Dali and Gala, Quasimodo and Esmeralda were born on the sand… cities and countries, star constellations, fragments from the fairytales of different countries were flashing during 3 festival days.

Olga Radzetskaya showed the program “Notre Dame de Paris» based on the eponymous book of Victor Hugo and the program «Know thyself and thou shalt know the world».

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January 29-30, 2016

The 2nd All-Russian Festival of sand therapy

Russian Association Of Sand Therapy is an organizer of the Second All-Russian Festival of sand therapy. The Festival is to be held in the Congress Hall “Vasilevsky” in St. Petersburg.

Sand therapy has become one of the most effective and interesting directions in psychology in recent years. The festival gathers more than 50 leading experts in the field of sand therapy from different cities of Russia. Within two days of the Festival sand therapy specialists show the possibility of sand therapy during tthe master classes and creative laboratory. Festival program is available for understanding for the wide range of people. During one day of the festival the participants will be able to visit several master classes to different themes and challenges and can get recommendations of competent professionals – psychologists and psychotherapists.

At the opening ceremony of the Festival, Olga Radzetskaya will show a sand story specially prepared for this event and will conduct a master class for those festival participants, who dream to learn how to draw with sand.

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January 7-10, 2016

Only 3 days in The National Centre for Contemporary Arts (Minsk, Belarus)

We are glad to invite you to enjoy the premiere of a unique musical performance composed by Ani Trubachev – “Adventures of a Green Nanny-Goat, or where she got the Magic Tree on her head”.

Sounds ridiculous? Perhaps, at first sight, but be sure that you will not be disappointed by the story itself and the overall atmosphere of this innovative performance. Moreover, we believe that you will be simply charmed by traditional Batleyka puppet show and carols singing organically fused with animation, 3D-mapping, sand painting and light show.

According to Nata Buglak, the executive producer of the play: “The special zest of our performance is the unique and organic mix of vintage motifs and modern technologies. Smooth and dynamic transitions from classic to sand-art animation and light show, innovative experimenting with the main stage projection mapping and shaping, the dialogues of the main characters delivered by professional puppet show artists and finally the authentic musical theme – in other words, we’ve done everything to attract our audience and make sure that even the youngest spectators are fully emerged in the magical and warm atmosphere of our ferry-tale”.

Live music of Nata Buglak by “Hata” band, sand-art animation by Olga Radzetskaya, light painting by Sasha Grapow, animation by Sasha Tanana and many other surprises are waiting for you!

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5th of December, 2015

International Exhibition of the sand art “Out of Time”

The Exhibition of sand art “Out of Time”, which consolidated the sand arts of 38 painters from 3 countries, will start in Barnaul, Russia. On December, 5 visitors will see photos of the sand schedule. Two weeks later the Exhibition is moving to Russia, Ukraine and Republic Of Belarus… and who knows where it will travel then. It is a Great Event for all sand artists and all sand art fans!

Sand schedule by Olga Radzetskaya “Ammonite” takes part in the exhibition.

“Ammonite is one of the Nature’s miracles that unfortunately is long extinct. Nevertheless, the image of a spiral shell of an ancient mollusk is a common sight nowadays. Human life is like a shell’s spiral – it starts at birth and gradually unwinds, evolves and changes. Shell spiral is like the rhythm of life, each coil symbolizes one life cycle ending and another one – beginning. That’s the roadmap of human life”.

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The Magic of Sand Painting… the very first Studio is opening soon in Minsk

Do you want to learn how to paint with … a sand? The first Sand Painting Studio opening soon in Minsk will show and prove you that such magic is possible! We are welcome both children and adults to joint us, providing both professional equipment and experiences guidance how to develop such “magic creation” skill. Everybody who wants to touch this extraordinary form of Art will get wide opportunities to learn the basics of Sand Painting together with a unique chance to reveal his artistic capabilities and become a real magician and “Lord of Sands”! 🙂

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22th of November, 2015

“Sand Marathon” of sand-art artists from different cities and countries starts

“Sand Marathon” is an international event held as a sign of friendship between sand artists from different cities and countries! If you are a sand artist and you do really wish to take part in this friendly flashmob – we are waiting for your photo on the background of the local attractions with your sandwork in your hands. Sand art is developing rapidly and is constantly updated with new names of talented artists from different countries!

Minsk, view of the Troitskoe predmestie. Sand schedule “Motherland”

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November 3-10, 2015

The International exhibition-competition of contemporary art “Art Week in Belarus”

The International exhibition-competition of contemporary art “Art week in Belarus” is held at the exhibition halls of the House of Moscow in Minsk. In the framework of the exhibition Olga Radzetskaya, who is an experienced sand artist, will conduct the master class “Foundations of sand painting”. The master class will take place on November 9, from 12-00, admission is free.

During the master class, the participants will learn about the history of the development of sand animation. They will be able to master the basic techniques of sand painting and they will have an opportunity to create their first sand picture on the light tables under the pleasant tunes. Do come! The only thing to be taken is your good mood!

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October 15-22, 2015

The International exhibition-competition of contemporary art “Art Week in Hungary”

The International exhibition-competition of contemporary art “Art Week in Hungary” will be held In the period from 15 to 22 October 2015. The project is carried out in the framework of an ongoing international program “Art Weeks in the World”. The exhibition is held at the Russian Cultural Center in Budapest.

On October 15 from the early morning the exhibitors who arrived from Russia, Ukraine and Belarus together with the employees of the center were creating a display. What a pleasant (but not simple at all) occupation it is to place the works of the participants, so that they looked and matched each other as one whole thing. In the evening of the same day the grand opening of the International exhibition-competition of contemporary art “Art Week in Hungary” took place.

Olga Radetzkaya brought to the exhibition-competition her two works participating in the competition in the categories of painting “Abstract Painting” and “Landscapes and nature in classical technique.”

Work “The fate of Cepheus” (oil on canvas) which took part in the competition won the 1st place in the category “Abstract Painting”.

“Even the most hardened pragmatist cannot remain indifferent, looking at the starry sky at night. You are alone with the beauty of the vast space. And no scientific descriptions can help us understand and convey the beauty of the heavenly of the sky drawings. People since long ago have been composing and attaching character and destiny to the stars, thus forming a relationship between Earth and cosmos. There is a famous myth of the Ethiopian king Cepheus, the father of Aphrodite, who for the sake of happiness and prosperity of his country was ready to sacrifice his only daughter. For this the gods placed him at the starry sky”.

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September 13, 2015

The Ist International Forum of Sand therapy “PSAMATA-2015”

In St. Petersburg, in the premises of “Celestial” is opened The First International Forum of Sand Therapy “PSAMAT-2015”, the initiator and organizer of the forum is the Association of sand therapy. The Forum program includes the reports of the leading specialists in the field of sand therapy, lectures, discussions, round tables, work-shop and master classes. Forum is aimed at psychologists, psychotherapists, educators, teachers and, of course, at all those who strive for self-knowledge, personal and professional growth. Forum is dedicated to the use of sand therapy in everyday life, development, psychology and psychotherapy.

The opening ceremony will begin with a live sand show dedicated to Psamate – the goddess of sea sand in Greek mythology. The author of the program is the Radzetskaya Olga, Minsk (Belarus).

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September 11-12, 2015

The 3d International Festival of sand animation “Touch”

In Ukraine, in Dnepropetrovsk, for the third consecutive year, The International Festival of sand animation is held which each year attracts more and more participants! Art & Creativity doesn`t have boundaries, including the mind!

The festival will have a contest of sand schedules, video and live performance with a sand show on the stage. The jury Chairman is Master of sand animation Artur Kirillov as in past festivals.

Sand schedule “Only the colors of life”. Author: Radzetskaya Olga

“There is only one paint in our life, as well as on an artist’s palette, which gives meaning to life and to arts. It is the paint of love”. Marc Chagall

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March 19-26, 2015

The International exhibition-competition of contemporary art “Art Week in Sofia”

Russian cultural and information center in Sofia with the support of the World Foundation for the Arts provided their halls for the International exhibition-competition “Art Week in Sofia” in the framework of the international project «WORLD ARTWEEK».

The painting “Anxiety”, oil on canvas, by Olga Radzetskaya won the 2nd place in the International Painting Competition in the category “Avant-garde composition”.

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