September 14, 2016 – The first Artbook Calendar Sand Drive for 2017 with sand drawings from 12 artists

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A unique wall artbook calendar for 2017 with works of sand animation artists is seeing the light. Team of authors of sand pictures for the Sand Drive 2017 Calendar united artists from Russia, Ukraine and Belarus. Geography of authors – from Minsk on the west to Chita on the east, and from Noyabrsk on the north to Sevastopol on the south. It is the first loose-leaf wall calendar in Russia, Ukraine and Belarus with works of sand artists. Size of the calendar is pretty big, and thus it can be considered an artbook (a series of posters) in the first instance, and only in the second place a calendar.

Artists started working on their projects in the middle of spring, each artist has chosen one month of a year to create a unique own sand graphic. The idea of this project belongs to Sergey Nazarov from Belgorod, he also arranged artists and all further work on production of the calendar.

Olga Radzetskaya created sand graphic “August” for this artbook calendar.