5th of December, 2015 – International Exhibition of the sand art “Out of Time”

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The Exhibition of sand art “Out of Time”, which consolidated the sand arts of 38 painters from 3 countries, will start in Barnaul, Russia. On December, 5 visitors will see photos of the sand schedule. Two weeks later the Exhibition is moving to Russia, Ukraine and Republic Of Belarus… and who knows where it will travel then. It is a Great Event for all sand artists and all sand art fans!

Sand schedule by Olga Radzetskaya “Ammonite” takes part in the exhibition.

“Ammonite is one of the Nature’s miracles that unfortunately is long extinct. Nevertheless, the image of a spiral shell of an ancient mollusk is a common sight nowadays. Human life is like a shell’s spiral – it starts at birth and gradually unwinds, evolves and changes. Shell spiral is like the rhythm of life, each coil symbolizes one life cycle ending and another one – beginning. That’s the roadmap of human life”.