February 15-17, 2016 – Sand Art Festival «Sand Malerei Show» Hamburg, Germany

From Russia, Ukraine, Germany, Italy and Belarus 18 sand artists came to Hamburg at the festival «Sand Malerei Show» and made a unbelievable stage-fight with sand animation show.

Under the festival terms every artist must show two programs for 30-40 minutes on the theme of «Love story» and «Around the World». During three days of festival competition ElbarkadenLounge room was filled with the sounds of music and magic of the ephemeral and unique creativity – sand painting.

A variety of images, feelings and emotions created by sand, produces a unique atmosphere of genuine creativity and talent. The images of Romeo and Juliet, Dali and Gala, Quasimodo and Esmeralda were born on the sand… cities and countries, star constellations, fragments from the fairytales of different countries were flashing during 3 festival days.

Olga Radzetskaya showed the program “Notre Dame de Paris» based on the eponymous book of Victor Hugo and the program «Know thyself and thou shalt know the world».