November 12-13, 2016 – XV International Art Therapy Festival «ART-PRAKTIK»

XV International Art Therapy Festival «ART-PRAKTIK»

On 12-13th of November Kiev hosted the jubilee XV International Art Therapy Festival АRТ-PRAKTIK, which gathered more than 600 people! Organizers invited Olga Radzetskaya to participate in this festival as a trainer and hold a sand animation workshop.

Participants and visitors of the workshop learned history of appearance and development of the sand animation, became familiar with main techniques, tried to draw their images on sand, sometimes vibrant and unexpected for their authors.

Participants of the workshop held under the name “Creative Conversation with Sand” were people who never tried drawing with sand, and most of them have never even seen a live performance of a sand animation artist. Therefore it caused huge interest, time flew both for participants and for the trainer.

“I am deeply grateful to participants of the workshop for your warm-heartedness and sincerity, for your interest and questions. It was you who made this conversation with sand successful! I saw for myself just another time that sand is a magic material to open yourself and to get peace with yourself. I am very glad to have an unexpected and very pleasing encounter with a wonderful, creative, open person, a psychologist, founder of the East Ukrainian Art Therapy Association Elena Tatarinova, the mastermind and organizer of the fest.”