September 24-25, 2016 – II International Forum Sand therapy “PSAMATA 2016”

Palace interiors of the Congress Hall “Vasilievskiy” in St. Petersburg became the venue of the II Open All-Russia Forum of Sand Therapy “Psamata-2016” with international participants. This year, like the previous one, the forum was promoted and organized by the Russian Sand Therapy Association. Topic of the meeting in 2016 is “Integration. Sand Therapy in the Modern Space of Psychotherapy, Pedagogy and Creative Work.

St. Petersburg greeted participants of the forum with a sunny weather, surprising for this season. And the forum also passed in the environment of warmness and joy of meeting. Topic of the forum offered the opportunity for unbounded creativity in all spheres of sand therapy, using music, fairy tales, visual art. Combinations of previously unrelated methods and approaches shows something interesting and efficient, that unites, mobilizes cooperation, sharing experience and practices, opens mind for new, induces creativity. Integration is also a good start for receiving and uniting people from different countries.

Opening the forum with live sand show of Olga Radzetskaya have already became a good tradition. It was then followed by integration in practice: Report of the President of the Russian Sand Therapy Association Starostin Oleg Albertovich, parable about the Truth, and all his speech was follwed by sketches on sand made by Olga Radzetskaya.

“Nothing matters if we see only separate fragments. But when these fragments combine, a new contents arrives, whose nature we wouldn’t be able to see looking at seaparate fragments.”